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Removing the vanes from the arrows is not easy. Many times the shaft is damaged by scratching it. To facilitate the removal of the vanes and the Cyanoacrylate glue such as the Gas Pro Flash Glue, we recommend the application of the Gas Pro Cyano Glue Remover, following these simple steps to better prepare for the vane change:

  • RUBBER STEP 1: If the arrow has rubber vanes to replace, the first application of the unglue/debonder must be done along the sides of the base of the vane . Apply the product to all arrows and let the unglue work for about 15 minutes.
  • RUBBER STEP 2: Try to ''tear'' your vane, applying force to the tip of the vane or tail. If the removal is complete, apply a new portion of the glue remover again on the base of the glue left in the arrow and leave it to act for 15 minutes. The deposited glue will become like a soft gel and can be easily removed with a cloth or resistant paper towel.
    If the vane is partially trapped, apply a new dose of Gas Pro Cyano remover and let it act.
  • RUBBER STEP 3: To obtain a perfect shaft as new, if some glue residue still remains in the shaft, repeat the dispensing of a new portion of unglue and repeat the cleaning
  • NATURAL STEP 1: If the arrow has natural vanes to replace, we recommend that you remove all the feather possible from the base of the glued vane with a pair of scissors or your fingers.
  • NATURAL STEP 2: Apply a portion of Gas Pro Cyano Remover to the white base of the natural vane and leave to act for about 20 minutes.
  • NATURAL STEP 3: Remove the white base of the natural vane with an inverted blade of a cutter/knife or with a special vane remover, applying force horizontally to the rod. If the base resists, apply new debonder and repeat the operation after about 20 minutes.
  • NATURAL STEP 4: Once the base of the natural vane has been removed, in order to remove the excess glue without scratching shaft, apply a portion of the glue remover again and wait the necessary time for the glue from solid to become almost like a gel, which can be removed with a cloth or better with paper towels.

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