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Event is born to dominate archery stages with unparallel performance! Designed for Outdoor and Indoor Competitions, suitable for Recurve-Olympic, Barebow and Compoundbow shooting style, Event is built with Top Quality 100% 30-TON Carbon in a 4.2 mm I.D. Nano diameter. Gas Pro Event Carbon Shafts features light-weight mass, +-/ 0.001'' straightness guarantee and +/- 1 Grain weight Tolerance.

Available spines, weight per inch (GPI) and outer diameter (OD) caEvent nasce per dominare i campi di tiro con l'arco con prestazioni impareggiabili! Progettata per le competizioni all'aperto e al coperto, adatta per lo stile di tiro olimpico, barebow e compound, EVENT è costruita con carbonio di alta qualità 100% 30-TON in un diametro Nano ID di 4,2 mm . Le aste in carbonio Gas Pro Event presentano una massa leggera, una garanzia di rettilineità di +/- 0,001'' e una tolleranza sul peso di +/- 1 grano.

Spine disponibili, peso per pollice (GPI) e diametro esterno (OD) calcolato su valori medi aste G2/G3:

  • Spine 400 (8.7 GPI) - (Ø5,99 mm OD)
  • Spine 500 (7.5 GPI) - (Ø5,78 mm OD)
  • Spine 600 (6.6 GPI) - (Ø5,60 mm OD)
  • Spine 700 (6.0 GPI) - (Ø5,50 mm OD)
  • Spine 800 (5.6 GPI) - (Ø5,41 mm OD)
  • Spine 900 (5.1 GPI) - (Ø5,36 mm OD)
  • Spine 950 (4.8 GPI) - (Ø5,33 mm OD)
  • Spine 1000 (4.8 GPI) - (Ø5,23 mm OD)

Upgrade 2023 Version comes with the weight group mark on shafts; Every single shafts is measured and sorted by weight Groups: G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6 so is much easy to receive same model shafts every order you place!

EVENT, Your Best Partner to Win!

Item code: ASTE70101 EUR 132,00

internal diameter4.2 mm
straightness+/- 0.001''
weightto +/- 1 grains
material100% Carbon 30-TON Premium
ideal forrecurve, barebow, compound
notespins, steel points, vanes and nocks sold separately
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Gern Ole

- SPINE 600: The quality is really nice for the price. Very straight, spine measurements very close together, good looks.... pretty neat all in all, and great for...Read more...